About Our Medical Center

Timonium Dental provides preventive and cosmetic services for your family. Our dentists and dental hygienists specialize in providing quality care and helping apprehensive patients relax.

Our services are listed below and in addition to most major dental insurance plans, we also accept CareCredit.

To schedule an appointment, or ask questions, contact us at 410-252-1200 or complete our online form.


Want to brighten your smile? Our Zoom technique is performed in our office, with the whitening agent applied to the teeth and then it’s enhanced by being exposed to a laser light. We also offer at home whitening, where custom molds are filled with gel that you wear daily or while you sleep.

General Dentistry

Cosmetic procedures, crowns, composite fillings, cavity treatment and basic restorations are by our dentists. The lighthearted, engaging atmosphere and friendly staff help relax apprehensive patients. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available for patients who need help relaxing.

Family Dentistry

No matter how big, or small, your family is we can accommodate everyone! By working with patients at a young age, we’re able to instill lifelong habits such as brushing and flossing that keep teeth healthy. We’ll also make sure older family members receive the proper care for their smile.


When a tooth has become badly decayed or infected, a root canal removes the nerve and tooth pulp. The tooth is cleaned and sealed to help prevent further problems. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and includes future visits to ensure the area is completely healed.


Clumsy and painful metal bridges can be a thing of the past. Our implant services include tooth extraction and the insertion of an implant in the bone. We use porcelain to fashion a new tooth that’s durable and resistant to infection.


Improve your appearance, and your self-image, with dental veneers that are durable, stain resistant, and affordable. The veneers are applied with bonding material and result in front teeth that are uniform in size, color, shape, and length.


Favored by celebrities and on-air personalities, Lumineers have been proven to last more than 20 years, and are reversible. We take a mold of your teeth and review the finished product with you, for size and shade. The process is quick, easy, and painless.

Preventive Care

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy requires preventive care performed by experienced hygienists. Bi-annual cleanings, along with fluoride and sealant application keep your smile fresh and beautiful. X-rays and dental exams help locate and treat minor issues before they become major problems.

Digital X-rays

This process reduces the amount of radiation you’re exposed to, and there’s no waiting for the film to develop. The images appear on our screen so our dentists can review them quickly and recommend any necessary treatment or procedures.

Implant Placement and Restoration

We start by extracting the tooth and then place a stainless steel implant into the bone. On your follow up visit, a porcelain tooth replacement is fitted onto the implant.

Emergency Care

Our dentists offer emergency care and will speak with you over the phone to determine the right course of action. Treatment usually occurs in our offices and covers everything from abscesses to a broken tooth. We’ll be there for you.